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Life and Spirit of a Kyoto Garden
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Norris Brock Johnson
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A major Japanese Zen temple, viewed through its monks, gardens, meditation, and art.

This illustrated study of Tenryuji, ranked number one among the five great Zen temples of Kyoto and a major destination for tourism and worship, weaves together history, design, culture, and personal reflection to reveal the inner workings of a great spiritual institution. Looking at Tenryuji's present as a mirror to its past, and detailing the famous pond and rockwork composition by renowned designer Muso Soseki, Norris Brock Johnson presents the first full-length "biography" of a Zen temple garden.

Norris Brock Johnson is a professor of anthropology at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and has been teaching and writing about Japanese temple gardens for over twenty years.

The Pond in the Garden 000

Acknowledgments 000

Part I: Land, Landscape, and the Spirit of Place 000

1 Mountains, Water, and Fragrant Trees 000
2 Death, Dream, and the Genesis of a Temple 000
3 Clouds of Flowers Preserve the Way 000

Part II: A Garden in Green Shade 000

4 A Pond of Shadow and Shimmering Stones 000
5 Footprints in the Sky
6 Settling Flowers of Ice
7 Bridge to Buddha-Nature 000
8 Sitting in the Garden 000
9 Anchors Along the Journey 000
10 The Dragon Gate 000

Part III: Garden as Life and Spirit 000

11 A Walk to the Garden 000
12 Stones and Life: Sweet to See 000
13 Just As Before 000

Notes 000
Bibliography 000
Index 000