Falling Back To Earth
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Falling Back To Earth

A Novel
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J.A. Carter-Winward
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Eve Spencer had always been grounded—her role as wife and mother, her role in the community, her role as Eve Spencer—all certain, firmly planted in her own mind.​ ​Until the day she remembers who she really is.And it is not Eve Spencer.Memories, like glass shards, shred through her mind, dismantling her world as the reality of her past threatens to rip apart her present: the memory of being lost as a child, then found, taken, and forced to play her role, a role she adopted as her own for over thirty years.Eve’s name is Lilli—and she remembers. All the people in whom she trusts tell her she’s deluded, yet they all hide something about her, about Lilli, as she becomes more determined to reveal secrets that everyone seem privy to—except her.Only Orvis Dunn, a jaded, curmudgeonly local attorney believes her, the only person willing to help her excavate her past. As Orvis investigates, Lilli struggles to dig deeper into her own mind—while simultaneously trying to hold onto it. The fissure in her once-grounded world is becoming a chasm: everything and everyone she cares about starts slipping through her fingers, her grip on reality threatening to collapse, as she seeks the truth.Falling Back to Earth is both a mystery, and a journey of self-discovery; an examination of how we all see truth differently, and how beliefs may blind us. It’s a story of loss, grief, love, parenting, and madness; one woman’s trek through them all, and her ability to ultimately find solid ground, and redemption, through forgiveness.