Syncing the Americas

Syncing the Americas
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José Martí and the Shaping of National Identity
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Ryan Anthony Spangler
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This book focuses on José Martí's reflections and critique of social, cultural, and political events in the United States between the years of 1880 and 1895, bringing together some of the most recognized scholars from the United States, Cuba, South America, and Europe studying Martí in a unique contribution and collaborative international effort.
The essays in this collection reflect two of Martí’s key observations during his time in the United States: first, how did he, an exile living in New York, view and read his North American neighbors from a sociocultural, political and literary perspective? Second, how did his perception of the modern nation impact his own concepts of race, capital punishment, poetics, and nation building for Cuba? The overarching endeavor of this project is to view and read Martí with the same critical or modern eye with which he viewed and read Spain, Cuba, Latin America and the United States. This volume, combining many of the most relevant experts in the field of Martí studies, attempts to answer those questions. It hopes to broaden the understanding and extend the influence of one of Americas’ (speaking of the collective Americas) most prolific and important writers, particularly within the very nation where his chronicles, poetry, and journalism were written. In spite of the political differences still separating Cuba and the United States, understanding Martí's relevancy is crucial to bridging the gap between these nations.


Part One: Reading the Other America: History, Translation, and Political Landscapes

  1. Enrico Mario Santí: “Nuestra América” and the Crisis of Latin Americanism

  2. Esther Allen: “He has not made himself known to me”: José Martí, U.S. History, and the Question of Translation

  3. Ivan Schulman: Social and Cultural Textualizations of the Modern Martí Project: The North American Chronicles

  4. Anne Fountain: Emerson and Martí: Close Readings, Context and Translation

  5. Georg Schwarzmann: Creating “Superman:” Martí, Nietzsche, and Whitman

  6. Ariela Schnirmajer: Politics, Justice, and Style: José Martí Reads Mark Twain

  7. Rafael Rojas Gutiérrez: Bancroft, Motley, Martí and American Renaissance Historiography

Part Two: Defining and Building the Modern Nation: Race, Punishment, and Poetics

  1. Laura Lomas: The City Unmakes Empires: José Martí’s Latina/o Urbanism

  2. Jorge Camacho: Fear and Gratitude: Martí’s Chronicles in Patria

  3. Oleski Miranda Navarro: José Martí: A Rendering of Black Issues in the United States

  4. Reinaldo Suárez: José Martí, our Revolutionary Victor Hugo?

  5. Francisco Morán: Vile Brothers: Exclusion in José Martí’s Republican Dream

  6. Ryan Anthony Spangler: Modern Tensions in the Poetics of José Martí

  7. Roberto González Echevarría: Martí and his “Amor de Ciudad Grande”: Notes on the Poetics of Versos libres

  8. David P. Laraway: José Martí and the Call of Technology in “Amor de ciudad grande



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