The Scottish Enlightenment and Literary Culture

The Scottish Enlightenment and Literary Culture
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Ronnie Young
Studies in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
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This volume takes a fresh look at the literary culture of the Scottish Enlightenment and the wider impact of imaginative literature on Enlightenment culture in general. Covering key authors and work in areas as varied as philosophy, medicine, travel writing, religion, drama, history, publishing, and the periodical press, it provides scholars and students with a timely re-evaluation of the links between imaginative literature and the larger project of Enlightenment in Scotland and beyond.
This collection of essays explores the role played by imaginative writing in the Scottish Enlightenment and its interaction with the values and activities of that movement. Across a broad range of areas via specially commissioned essays by experts in each field, the volume examines the reciprocal traffic between the groundbreaking intellectual project of eighteenth-century Scotland and the imaginative literature of the period, demonstrating that the innovations made by the Scottish literati laid the foundations for developments in imaginative writing in Scotland and further afield. In doing so, it provide a context for the widespread revaluation of the literary culture of the Scottish Enlightenment and the part that culture played in the project of Enlightenment.
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Chapter 1: “Winged Horses, Fiery Dragons and Monstrous Giants”: Historiography and Imaginative Literature in the Scottish Enlightenmentby David Allan

Chapter 2: Regulating Reality By Imagination:Fact, Fiction, and Travel in the Scottish Enlightenment by Pam Perkins

Chapter 3: Tobias Smollett, Travel Writing, and Medical Botanyby Catherine Jones

Chapter 4: Balladry and the Scottish Enlightenmentby Ruth Perrry

Chapter 5: Enlightenment and Ecclesiastical Satire before Burnsby Colin Kidd

Chapter 6: “Sympathetick Curiosity”: Drama, Moral Thought, and the Science of Human Natureby Ronnie Young

Chapter 7: Hugh Blair and the Influence of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres on Imaginative Literatureby Ralph Mclean

Chapter 8: In Pursuit of “Moral Beauty” and Intellectual Pleasures: Dugald Stewart and Edinburgh’s Literary Culture, 1762–1810by Charles Bradford Bow

Chapter 9: The Mirror Club:Periodicals as Tastemakers in Eighteenth-Century Scotlandby Corey E. Andrews

Chapter 10: “A Scotch Poetical Library”: The Morisons of Perth, Print Culture, and the Construction of an Enlightenment Scottish Literary Canonby Sandro Jung

Chapter 11: Fingal Meets Vercingetorix:Ossianism, Celtomania, and the Transformation of French National Identity in Post-Revolutionary Franceby Deidre Dawson

Chapter 12: The Scottish Enlightenment and American Literary Cultureby Andrew Hook

Chapter 13: Scottish Enlightenment Concepts of Equity in the Nineteenth-Century British Novelby Sarah Winter



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