Queen Anne and the Arts

Queen Anne and the Arts
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Cedric D. Reverand
Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture, 1650–1850
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The book reviews the varied cultural accomplishments during the reign of Queen Anne (1702–1714), including scholarly essays on Anne, her patronage of the arts, coin collecting, poetry, poetical miscellanies, drama, hymns, music, and architecture.
The cultural highlights of the reign of Queen Anne (1702-1714) have long been overlooked. However, recent scholarship, including the present volume, is demonstrating that Anne has been seriously underestimated, both as a person, and as a monarch, and that there was much cultural activity of note in what might be called an interim period, coming after the deaths of Dryden and Purcell but before the blossoming of Pope and Handel, after the glories of Baroque architecture but before the triumph of Burlingtonian neoclassicism. The authors of Queen Anne and the Arts make a case for Anne’s reign as a time of experimentation and considerable accomplishment in new genres, some of which developed, some of which faded away. The volume includes essays on the music, drama, poetry, quasi-operas, political pamphlets, and architecture, as well as on newer genres, such as coin and medal collecting, hymns, and poetical miscellanies, all produced during Anne’s reign.
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Chapter 1: “Praise the Patroness of Arts”

James A. Winn

Chapter 2: “She Will Not Be That Tyrant They Desire”: Daniel Defoe and Queen Anne

Nicholas Seager

Chapter 3: Queen Anne, Patron of Poets?

Juan Christian Pellicer

Chapter 4: The Moral in the Material: Numismatics and Identity in Evelyn, Addison, and Pope

Barbara M. Benedict

Chapter 5: Mild Mockery: Queen Anne’s Era and the Cacophony of Calm

Kevin L. Cope

Chapter 6: Great Anna’s Chaucer: Pope’s January and May and the Logic of Settlement

Philip Smallwood

Chapter 7: The Diverting Muse: Miscellanies and Miscellany Culture in Queen Anne’s Reign

Abigail Williams

Chapter 7: Nicholas Rowe’s The Fair Penitent and the Performance of Personal Space in Eighteenth-Century London

Julia H. Fawcett

Chapter 8: The Theater in the Age of Queen Anne: The Case of George Farquhar

Brian Corman

Chapter 9: Isaac Watts’s Occasional Conformities

Jayne Lewis

Chapter 10: Musical Politics in George Granville’s The British Enchanters

Amanda Eubanks Winkler

Chapter 11: “Sing Great Anna’s Matchless Name”: Images of Queen Anne in the Court Ode

Estelle Murphy

Chapter 12: Nicholas Hawksmoor: The Other English Baroque Architect

Cedric D. Reverand II


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