Global Romanticism

Global Romanticism
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Origins, Orientations, and Engagements, 1760–1820
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Evan Gottlieb
Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture, 1650–1850
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Building on postcolonial and transatlantic paradigms as well as new theoretical developments like Actor-Network-Theory, Global Romanticism: Origins, Orientations, and Engagements, 17601820 views the literature and culture of late-eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century Britain and beyond through the lens of long-durational globalization.
For several decades, interest in the British Romantics’ theorizations and representations of the world beyond their national borders has been guided by postcolonial and, more recently, transatlantic paradigms. GlobalRomanticism: Origins, Orientations, andEngagements, 1760–1820 charts a new intellectual course by exploring the literature and culture of the Romantic era through the lens of long-durational globalization. In a series of wide-ranging but complementary chapters, this provocative collection of essays by established scholars makes the case that many British Romantics were committed to conceptualizing their world as an increasingly interconnected whole. In doing so, moreover, they were both responding to and shaping early modern versions of the transnational economic, political, sociocultural, and ecological forces known today as globalization.

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Introduction: British Romanticism and Early Globalization: Developing the Modern World Picture

Evan Gottlieb

Part I: Origins
Chapter One: Spawn of Ossian, Ian Duncan
Chapter Two: Burke and Hemans: Colonialism and the Claims of Family, Stuart Peterfreund
Chapter Three: Charlotte Smith’s Network Story, Yoon Sun Lee
Chapter Four: Localizing and Globalizing Burns’ Songs: Romanticism and the Analogies of Improvement, Steve Newman

Part II: Orientations
Chapter Five: “[N]o place on earth/ Can ever be a solitude”:
Lyrical Ballads, Hartleianism, and a World of Places, Michael Wiley
Chapter Six: Sailing Blind: Climacteric Orientations toward the Local and Global in Wordsworth and Byron, Samuel Baker
Chapter Seven: We have Never been National: Romance, Regionalism, and the Global in Scott’s Waverley Novels, Anthony Jarrells
Chapter Eight: Frankenstein’s Transport: Modernity, Mobility, and the Science of Feeling, Miranda Burgess

Part III: Engagements
Chapter Nine: John Galt’s Logics of Worlds, Matthew Wickman
Chapter Ten: Romantic Recycling: The Global Economy and Secondhand Language in Equiano's
Interesting Narrative and the Letters of the Sierra Leone Settlers, Debbie Lee and Kirk McAuley
Chapter Eleven: Global Flows: Romantic-era Terraforming, Robert Mitchell
Afterword: The World Viewed, Katie Trumpener


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