Juan Luis Martínez’s Philosophical Poetics

Juan Luis Martínez’s Philosophical Poetics
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Scott Weintraub
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This comprehensive study of cult figure Juan Luis Martínez, takes a comparative approach to the complex relationship between the visual arts, literature, science, philosophy, and mathematics in his work.
Juan Luis Martínez’s Philosophical Poetics is the first English-language monograph on this Chilean visual artist and poet (1942–1993). It has two principal aims: first, to introduce Martínez’s poetry and radical aesthetics to English-speaking audiences, and second, to carefully analyze key aspects of his literary production. The readings undertaken in this book explore Martínez’s intricate textual formalisms, the self-effacement that characterizes his poetry, and the tension between his local (Latin American, Chilean) aspect and the cosmopolitanism or transnationalism that insists on the global relevance of his work. Through his artistic engagement with a number of esoteric concepts—for example, his recuperation of pataphysical “logic” and Oulipian combinatorics, mathematical reasoning, Eastern thought, and the historical avant-gardes—Martínez creates a rigorous quasi-system of citation and erasure that is a philosophical poetics as well as a poetic philosophy. Juan Luis Martínez’s Philosophical Poetics thus addresses all major publications by this groundbreaking Chilean artist and poet in order to read his difficult, experimental texts by focusing on the tension he creates between philosophical, political, literary, and scientific discourses.
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Introduction: The Invisibility of Juan Luis Martínez in the Chilean Scene of Writing

Chapter I: The Philosophy of the Book: La nueva novela’s Philosophical Poetics

Chapter II: The Book Within the Book: Math, Science and Politics in La nueva novela

Chapter III: The Death of the Poets: Mourning for the Future in La poesía chilena

Chapter IV: The Idea of the Double, Absence of an Author: Poemas del otro

Chapter V: The Copy as Original: Aproximación del Principio de Incertidumbre a un

proyecto poético

Conclusion: A Virtual Martínez and A Book Composed of Ruins and Detritus: El poeta

anónimo (o el eterno presente de Juan Luis Martínez)

Bibliography and Works Cited: Works by and about Juan Luis Martínez


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