Model Citizens of the State
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Model Citizens of the State

The Jews of Turkey during the Multi-Party Period
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Rifat Bali
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The book is about the history of Turkish Jews and Turkish-Jewish relations in the last half century in the Republic of Turkey.
Model Citizens of the State: The Jews of Turkey during the Multi-Party Period is about the history of the Turkish Jews from 1950 to present. By using unpublished primary sources as well as secondary sources, the book describes the struggle of Turkish Jews for the application of their constitutional rights, their fight against anti-Semitism and the indifferent attitude of the Turkish establishment to these problems. Finally, it describes Turkish Jewish leadership’s involvement in the lobbying efforts on behalf of the Turkish Republic against the acceptance of resolutions in the U.S. Congress recognizing the Armenian Genocide.
List of Abbreviations & Acronyms
1. Minorities during the Single Party Period
2. The Democrat Party in Power
Chapter I: The Democrat Party Years, 1950-1960

  1. Chapter I: The Democrat Party Years, 1950-1960

  2. The Democrat Party: Hopes and Expectations

  3. The Rebirth of the Islamic Movement

  4. Relations Between the DP, Turkish Jewry and American Jewish Organizations

  5. The National Election of 1954 and the Minorities

  6. Questions Surrounding the Use of the Turkish Language

  7. The Events of September 6-7, 1955

  8. The National Elections of 1957 and the Minorities

  9. The Situation of the Jewish Community During the 1950s

  10. Toward the Revolution of May 27, 1960

Chapter II: From the 1960 Revolution to the 1971 “Memorandum”

  1. The Revolution of May 27, 1960

  2. The Dissolution of the Lay Council and the Election of the Chief Rabbi

  3. The General Elections of 1961

  4. The Cyprus Question and its Effects on the Jewish Community

  5. Minorities and the Citizenship Question

  6. The Six Day War and Its Effects

  7. The Attempted Arson of the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Ensuing Reactions

  8. The National Elections of 1969: The National Salvation Party

and the Birth of Political Islam

  1. The Situation of the Jewish Community during the 1960s

Chapter III: From the “Memorandum” of March 12, 1971 to the Military Coup of September 12, 1980

  1. The Effect of Socio-Economic Conditions

  2. The 1974 “Peace Operation” on Cyprus and its Effects

  3. The Situation of the Jewish Community in the 1970s

  4. Events Leading up to Military Coup of September 12, 1980

Chapter IV: The Years of Military Administration, 1980-1983

  1. The Aftermath of September 12

  2. Organizing a Turkish Lobby in the United States

  3. The Armenian Genocide Question

Chapter V: The Özal Years, 1984-1993

  1. Relations among Turkey, Israel and American Jewish Organizations

  2. The Warming of Relations between Turkey and Israel and the Armenian Genocide

  3. The Attack on the Neve Shalom Synagogue

  4. The Islamic Movement and Anti-Semitism in the 1980s

  5. Reconceptualizing Turkey’s Public Relations Activities: The Quincentennial Foundation

  6. The Situation of Turkey’s Jewish Community in the 1980s (1980-1992)

Chapter VI: The Rise, Fall and Ideological Transformation of Political Islam, 1994-2003

  1. The Period of Ascendance (1994-1997)

  2. The Collapse of Political Islam (1997-2001)

  3. Relations with Fethullah Gülen’s Community

  4. The Period of AKP Rule (2001- )

  5. Anti-Semitism and the Intellectual Elites During the 1990s

  6. Relations between American Jewish Organizations and the Republic of Turkey

  7. Societal Transformation in Turkey and the Situation of the Minorities

  8. The Suicide Bombings of Istanbul Synagogues, November 15, 2003

  9. The Jewish Community During the 1990s

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