Embodying Difference
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Embodying Difference

Scripting Social Images of the Female Body in Latina Theatre
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Linda Saborío
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Embodying Difference offers a fresh perspective on the current theoretical debates about the role of Latinas in today's multicultural society and globalization's impact on cultural attitudes toward femininity. Saborío's interdisciplinary approach links feminist and gender discourse, cultural studies, and theatrical performances as a means of exploring many dynamic forms of cultural productions.
Embodying Difference: Scripting Social Images of the Female Body in Latina Theatre explores contemporary theatrical productions by Latina dramatists in the United States and focuses on the effects that neoliberal politics, global market strategies, gender formation, and racial and ethnic marginalization have had on Latinas. Through the analysis of select plays by dramatists Nao Bustamante, Coco Fusco, Anne García-Romero, Josefina López, Cherríe Moraga, Linda Nieves-Powell, Dolores Prida, and Milcha Sánchez-Scott, Embodying Difference shows how the bodies of Latinas are represented on stage in order to create an image of Latina consolidation. The performances of a dynamic female body challenge assumptions about ethno-racial expressions, exoticized “otherness,” and political correctness as this book explores often uneasy sites of representations of the body including phenotype, sexuality, obesity, and the body as a political marker. Drawing on the theoretical framework of difference, including differing gender voices, performances, and performative acts, Embodying Difference examines social images of the Latina body as a means of understanding and rearticulating Latina subjectivity through an expression of difference. By means of a gradual realization and self-acclamation of their own images, Latinas can learn to embody notions of self that endorse their curvaceous, sexualized, and oversized bodies that have historically been marked and marketed by their “brownness.”
Introduction: The Theatrics of Performing Difference
One: Parodying Otherness: Beauty Contests, Beauty Myths, and
Beautiful Señoritas
Two: Role Playing
Latinidad: Engaging the Female Body in Diverse Identities
Three: Staging a Chicana and Latina Body Politic
Four: Marketing
Difference: The “Other” Female Consumer
Five: Latina Bodies in a Global Market
Six: Reclaiming Religion:
Milagros and the Sexual Objectification of Latinas
Final Curtain: The Exposure of Latina Bodies