Border Patrol Entrance Exam
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Border Patrol Entrance Exam

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GET THE JOB YOU WANT IN FERERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT!In order to compete with the finest and land one of the most coveted jobs in law enforcement, you need powerful, targeted preparation. This completely revised and updated edition is the most comprehensive resource available, providing the test-taking techniques, essential information, and expert insight you need to ace your exam and secure a job as a Border Patrol Agent. Inside this guide you will find:• Access to THREE practice exams based on the official U.S. Border Patrol Entrance Exam• Expert tips for improving Spanish for the Spanish Language Proficiency Test • Guidance on developing the essential skills you need to ace the Artificial Language Test (ALT)• Review and practice so you can master the Logical Reasoning Test • Tips for conquering test anxiety and boosting confidence• Complete information covering the application process and what to expect on the exam• A FREE ONLINE BORDER PATROL PRACTICE EXAM