Manage Your Time & Your Life: Success in 20 Minutes a Day
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Manage Your Time & Your Life: Success in 20 Minutes a Day

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GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR WORK AND PERSONAL LIFE IN JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY!Organized people are not born that way—they have to work at it. Learning how to balance your personal and professional obligations is tough, but once you have a system in place you will be well on your way to decreasing your stress and increasing your quality of life.In this guide, career expert Miriam Salpeter will guide you through short, targeted lessons that teach you how to approach all aspects of your career and everyday life in the most efficient and productive way possible. You will learn how to:• Find a job• Prepare for an interview• Make the most of your time at work• Begin and end your work day with intention• Create helpful lists• Organize the space around you• Avoid procrastination• And so much more!