Nursing School Entrance Exams
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Nursing School Entrance Exams

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Score High and Start Your Path to a Successful Nursing Career!Nursing is a career field with tremendous growth and opportunities to work in a variety of settings. Before you can embark on this rewarding path, you must first gain admission to nursing school—which usually means taking an entrance exam so schools can get a sense of your aptitude.Packed with proven techniques and key information, this easy-to-use, fully updated guide ensures that aspiring nursing school students get their highest scores possible on entrance exams. The newly revised and updated Nursing School Entrance Exam provides a full review on the wide range of topics that candidates are tested on, including:• Targeted, comprehensive review covering everything you need to know to pass any entrance exam, including verbal ability, reading comprehension, basic math, algebra, geometry, general science, biology, chemistry, and more• Access to FOUR test-like practice exams with complete answer explanations will help you get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses and help target your study plan• The LearningExpress Test Preparation System, to help you prepare a personalized study plan, avoid test anxiety, and approach the test with a strategy to help you get the score you deserve• A FREE ONLINE PRACTICE NSEE WITH INSTANT SCORING