Middle School Writing for the Common Core
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Middle School Writing for the Common Core

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UNDERSTAND COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS AND MASTER IMPORTANT WRITING SKILLSDo the words “Common Core” make you nervous? What are the standards you need to know? How do you make sure you're on target for your grade level?Middle School Writing for the Common Core takes the confusion out of the Common Core and helps you master the English Language Arts Common Core Standards you should know before leaving middle school. This comprehensive guide clearly explains all standards and provides lots of helpful examples, practice, and review, so you can feel confident and prepared for success—in class and on exams!Inside, you'll find coverage of the following core concepts:• Brainstorming• Mapping a Topic• Researching• Creating a thesis• Outlining• Writing an introduction and conclusion• Crafting solid body paragraphs• Revising and editing• Mastering sentence structure and punctuation• Using all the parts of speech• Avoiding common errors• FREE Online Writing Practice with Instant Scoring• And much, much more!