SAT Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day
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SAT Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day

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Get the Edge You Need to Improve Your Score in Just 20 Minutes Day!In order to get the score you want on the math section of the SAT, you need to be comfortable with al the concepts you will see on test day. SAT Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day is designed to fully prepare you for the Math section of the SAT exam--and to help you earn your target score. Inside, you will find preparation for every math topic tested on the exam, including a comprehensive review of each tested area and plenty of practice questions to reinforce learning and build math skills. Inside, you will find:• A pretest to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses• Practice exercises for every concept to help you acquire or refresh essential math skills• A posttest to evaluate your progress• FREE SAT math practice online with Instant Scoring!SAT MATH ESSENTIALS INSIDESolving Linear Equations and InequalitiesLinear FunctionsRatios, Proportions and ScalePercentsUnit ConversionsGraphs and Scatter PlotsData Analysis and Statistical MeasuresQuadratic and Exponential FunctionsQuadratic Equations and Inequalities Polynomial, Radical and Rational ExpressionsRadical and Rational FunctionsOperations with Complex NumbersTrigonometryVolumeCircles, Sector Area and Arc LengthAnd Much More!