Corrections Officer Exam
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Corrections Officer Exam

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Passing the test to become a corrections officer just got easier with the updated and revised Corrections Officer Exam, Third Edition. This new edition features all the benefits that have helped thousands of test-takers in the past, including: Key information about the career and corrections officer selection process Three full-length practice exams with detailed explanations Review lessons in reading comprehension, writing, observation, and situational reasoning Guidance on the physical ability test, oral interview, personal history statement, and psychological assessment Plus, the 9-step LearningExpress Test Preparation System that is proven to help candidates get their top test scores Corrections Officer Exam, Third Edition provides up-to-date preparation for everything candidates need to know to achieve their goals, from complete information about the different corrections officer exams, the steps of the selection process for state and federal jobs, as well as the duties and responsibilities of a corrections officer.
Corrections Officer is one of the fastest growing career of the next decade. With requirements including a written exam, personal history statement, oral interview, and psychological assessment, the competitive field of corrections officer can be difficult to enter. This test prep books comes with four practice tests as well as tutorials on needed basic skills — math, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, memory, observation, and judgment.
If you're considering a rewarding career as a correction's officer, you first need to do well on the correction's officer exam. This helpful, all-in-one test prep guide will get you ready for test day success with comprehensive practice and review for the exam, including three practice exams with complete answer explanations, and advice and strategies for success. Also included are key details about each section of the exam, including the physical ability test, oral interview, and psychological assessment.