Middle School Math for Parents
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Middle School Math for Parents

10 Steps to Help Your Child Master Math
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Scott Meltzer
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Why doesn’t my child understand math? How can I help my child with this if I don’t even understand it? Why doesn’t the textbook look like it used to? Questions like these vex even the most educated parents. This book is for any parent who has ever felt baffled, frustrated, angry or fearful when trying to help their child with math. With the best of intentions, parents from all different backgrounds find themselves embroiled in conflict, when all they want to do is help.This book, which addresses the major concepts in the new Common Core Standards for grades 6-8, will help parents understand the new methods of teaching mathematics while reviewing middle school and high school math concepts in a clear and mathphobe-friendly way. It will include strategies for every parent—from the parent who never understood the concepts in the first place to the PhD who can’t see eye-to-eye with the child’s teacher about pedagogical methods.