ACT Prep by Magoosh

ACT Prep by Magoosh
ACT Prep Guide with Study Schedules, Practice Questions, and Strategies to Improve Your Score
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ACT prep doesn't have have to be boring or stressful.We're Magoosh, a leading online test prep company, and we're on a mission to make standardized test prep accessible, effective, and enjoyable. Not only are we, the authors of this book, world-class ACT prep rockstars (with over 10 million views on YouTube and thousands of top-scoring students), but we are also total nerds who happen to-wait for it-enjoy ACT prep. Our passion is contagious and one of the reasons that Magoosh online prep is so popular around the world.Consider us your personal tutors. We are here to help you get your best score while also keeping test prep in perspective with a healthy dose of honesty and empathy. We want to help you achieve your goals and get into the college of your dreams. Remember that you're not studying alone: if you have any questions, just email our tutors at, and we'll get right back to you. (Try it ... we mean it!)In these pages you'll find:Hundreds of easy-to-follow tips and FAQs covering everything from the exam format and choosing your best test date to what to pack for test day survival.Thorough lessons covering all the question types and prompts you'll encounter in the English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing tests.300+ student-tested practice questions and answer explanations created by our expert ACT tutors.A one-month study schedule outlining the best way to spend your prep time leading up to your exam.A full-length practice test prepared by our in-house experts complete with an answer key and detailed explanations.Fun activities to help you stave off study fatigue and stay relaxed leading up to your exam.If you're not already familiar with Magoosh online, here's what you need to know:Over two million students have studied with Magoosh online and with our mobile apps.Our online ACT prep offers video explanations, additional full-length practice tests, and customizable quizzes to help you increase your skills in areas that matter most to you.Our materials are top-notch-we refine our practice questions based on data and feedback from thousands of students who use our premium online product.We really want to see you do your best. That's why we offer a 4-point score improvement guarantee to students who use the online Magoosh program.So crack open this book, join us online at, and let's get you ready to master the ACT!"[ACT Prep by Magoosh is] very conversational and funny, making it stand out from boring and dry ACT prep material."Meredith Hoppe, 12th grade ACT student | Used Magoosh to go from 28 to 33 on the ACT!"I like that a student could have the book and use the online prep and it would be a seamless experience."Ori, 12th grade Magoosh ACT student

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