Life Reimagined: Discovering Your New Life Possibilities

Life Reimagined: Discovering Your New Life Possibilities
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Richard J. Leider
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Richard J. Leider is the founder and chairman of the Inventure Group. He is ranked by Forbes as one of the Top 5 most respected executive coaches and by the Conference Board as a legend in coaching. He is the author or coauthor of eight books, including the bestselling Repacking Your Bags.
Alan M. Webber is the cofounding editor of Fast Company magazine and was the editorial director and managing editor of the Harvard Business Review. He has written for numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, and is the author of Rules of Thumb.
Winner of the 2014 Silver Nautilus Award

Are You Ready for Your Life Reimagined Moment?

Are you at a point in your life where you re asking, What s next? You ve finished one chapter and you have yet to write the next one. Many of us face these transitions at midlife, but they can happen at any point. It s a time full of enormous potential, and it defines a whole new phase of life. It s called Life Reimagined.

Here is your map to guide you in this new life phase. You can use the powerful practices and insights enhanced with online tools and exercises at AARP s website to help you uncover your own special gifts, connect with people who can support you, and explore new directions.

You ll be inspired by meeting ordinary people who have reimagined their lives in extraordinary ways. You ll also read the stories of pioneers of the Life Reimagined movement such as Jane Pauley, James Brown, and Emilio Estefan. They show us that this journey of discovery can help us find fulfillment in surprising new places.

One of the profound truths that underlies this book is the liberating notion that each of us is an experiment of one, free to find our own path in this new phase of our lives. No old rules, no outdated societal norms, no boundaries of convention or expectation. Let Life Reimagined help you discover your new life possibilities!
Foreword by Emilio Pardo
Introduction: Your Life Reimagined Journey
Chapter One: This Isn t What I Was Expecting!
Chapter Two: Get Real
Chapter Three: What Works?
Chapter Four: Reflect: What s Real For You?
Chapter Five: Connect: Who s There For You?
Chapter Six: Explore: What s Possible For You?
Chapter Seven: Take a Break: Whew!
Chapter Eight: Choose: What s Next?
Chapter Nine: Repack: What to Lose, What to Take?
Chapter Ten: Act: What to Do Now?
Chapter Eleven: Take a Break: Is It Over Yet?
Chapter Twelve: Is It Your Life Reimagined Moment?
Chapter Thirteen: It s Your Move
Life Reimagined Conversations
Interviews with the Authors
Life Reimagined Connections

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