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Autor: Mary Hardin-Jones
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Children with Cleft Lip and Palate

A Parents' Guide to Early Speech-Language Development and Treatment
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Family-friendly guidance and support for young children with clefts. A team of SLPs explain clefts and offer strategies to improve speech and language in children up to age 3.
Turn to this book for family-friendly guidance and support for young children with cleftsâcleft lip, cleft palate, and cleft lip and palateâone of the most commonly occurring birth defects. Learn about:
- what clefts are
- how they are repaired and when
- feeding problems before and after surgery
- dental issues
- hearing & middle ear problems
- your child's treatment team
- your child's perspective
- velopharyngeal inadequacy
- speech-language skill building activities

A team of speech-language pathologists focuses especially on mitigating the speech and language problems experienced by infants and toddlers (ages birth to three) with cleft palate. Parents can use the book's dozens of practical, hands-on activities to improve their child's speech. For example, Bug Race! uses a cotton ball or pom-pomâadd eyes and voilà, you have a bug!âthat the child moves by releasing pressure from behind the lips to stimulate oral airflow to produce the consonant /p/. Build valuable speech skills while you both have fun!

Helpful strategies, illustrations of cleft repair procedures, photos of equipment, and recommended resources empower parents to get started on addressing speech problems of very young children and other issues for school-aged children. Speech-language pathologists, early intervention specialists, and medical professionals will also want this book to recommend to the families they serve.

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Autor: Mary Hardin-Jones
ISBN-13 :: 9781606132128
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Seiten: 214
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