Handbook of Neuroendovascular Surgery

Handbook of Neuroendovascular Surgery
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Eric M. Deshaies
592 g
229x125x28 mm

Department of Neurological Surgery and Radiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA
Ideal for both newcomers and practitioners of the specialty, Handbook of Neuroendovascular Surgery is both a succinct introduction and a quick reference guide for key concepts and technical information prior to, during, and after a procedure. It progresses logically from basic scientific concepts to equipment and technical aspects to treatment of specific neurovascular diseases, expertly capturing the core information needed in daily practice.

Key Features:
-Contributions by neurosurgeons, radiologists, and neurologists reflect the multidisciplinary nature of neuroendovascular treatment
-Critical summaries of "Peri-Procedural Patient Care" and "Equipment and Techniques" to help in case preparation
-Generous use of tables and illustrations create fast visual summaries and distill large amounts of information
-Valuable appendices on routinely used technical information, pathology classification systems, endovascular medications, and full-color pictorials designed for teaching and patient education - the pictorials are available for download at Media.Center.thieme.com

Written by specialists trained in both open cerebrovascular neurosurgery and neuroendovascular surgery, this portable handbook is a treasure trove of practical information - essential for both beginners and more experienced neurosurgeons who want to refresh their knowledge in state-of-the-art neuroendovascular techniques.

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