Tethered Cord Syndrome in Children and Adults

Tethered Cord Syndrome in Children and Adults
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Shokei Yamada
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FELLOW OF American College of Surgeons; (Former) Prof & Chairman, Dept. of Neurosurgery; Loma Linda University School of Medicine; Dept of Neurosurgery; Loma Linda, CA
Written by renowned specialists, the second edition of Tethered Cord Syndrome in Children and Adults is a comprehensive text on the essentials of clinical management for this complex disorder. The book opens with chapters on embryology and pathophysiology to provide clinicians with a solid understanding of the basic science of tethered cord syndrome (TCS). Incorporating the latest standards in neurologic examinations and imaging procedures, the book then discusses the functional diagnosis of TCS. Throughout the book, the authors provide insightful discussion of how to distinguish this disorder from others with similar symptoms and imaging findings. The final chapter summarizes current medical and surgical treatments of TCS, describing methods for preventing progressive and permanent deficits.

Delineates the three categories of "cord tethering" to aid effective management
Discusses such important topics as in-utero surgical myelomeningocele repair and TCS-related aspects of clinical urology
Provides expanded coverage of the treatment of adults with severe back and leg pain
Covers management of late teenage patients whose care between childhood and adulthood is frequently interrupted
Features more than 200 high-quality clinical photographs, radiographic images, and diagrams to illustrate key concepts

The only reference dedicated to optimizing the management of TCS, this book is an invaluable resource for residents and clinicians in neurosurgery and neurology as well as other specialists caring for patients of all ages with TCS.
Thieme Publishers New York im Thieme Verlag 2010. - CME Credit Available (CME: Continuing Medical Educatiion)
Preface: Foreword 1 Introduction to Tethered Cord Syndrome 2 Normal Spinal Cord Development and the Embryogenesis of Spinal Cord Tethering Malformations 3 Pathophysiology of Tethered Cord Syndrome 4 Neurological Assessment of Tethered Spinal Cord 5 Imaging of Tethered Spinal Cord 6 Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Tethered Cord Syndrome 7 Urological Aspect of Tethered Cord Syndrome I: Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Tethered Cord Syndrome 8 Urological Aspect of Tethered Cord Syndrome II: Clinical Experience in Urological Involvement with Tethered Cord Syndrome 9 The Cervical Tethered Spinal Cord 10 Indication and Treatment of Tethered Spinal Cord 11 Tethered Cord Syndrome Associated with Myelomeningoceles and Lipomyelomeningoceles 12 The Role of Folate Supplementation in Spina Bifida Occulta 13 In Utero Repair of Myelomeningoceles 14 Epidermoid and Dermoid Tumors Associated with Tethered Cord Syndrome 15 Tethered Cord Syndrome in Adult and Late-teenage Patients without Neural Spinal Dysraphism 16 Tethered Cord Syndrome in Adults with Spina Bifida Occulta 17 The Normal Position of the Conus Medullaris Does Not Exclude a Tethered Spinal Cord 18 Anomalies of Spinal Cord Length and Filum Thickness 19 Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring of the Lower Sacral Nerve Roots and Spinal Cord 20 Clinical Neurophysiology of Tethered Cord Syndrome and Other Dysraphic Syndromes 21 Conservative versus Surgical Treatment and Prognostic Evaluation for Tethered Cord Syndrome

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