Vascular Lesions of the Head and Neck

Vascular Lesions of the Head and Neck
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Diagnosis and Management
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Mark S Persky
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Thieme congratulates Milton Waner on being chosen by New York magazine for its prestigious 'Best Doctors 2017' list.

Vascular Lesions of the Head and Neck provides readers with an up-to-date review of the pathology, basic science, classification, radiologic features, and treatment modalities for vascular lesions of the head and neck. It covers all recent developments in medical and surgical treatment, laser technology, endovascular techniques, and appropriate radiation protocols that dramatically affect the evaluation and management of patients with vascular lesions.

Key Features:

Written by leading experts on the diagnosis and treatment of vascular lesions in the fields of otolaryngology, plastic surgery, radiology, dermatology, pathology, and pediatrics
Emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular lesions
More than 200 full-color illustrations help clarify information in the text
This book is an excellent desk reference for all otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons, vascular interventional radiologists, pediatricians, dermatologists, pathologists, and general pediatric surgeons involved in the treatment of patients with vascular lesions of the head and neck.

1 Classification of Vascular Anomalies
2 Congenital Vascular Tumors
3 Pathology of Congenital Vascular Lesions
4 The Natural History, Physical Findings, and Evaluation of Hemangiomas
5 Hemangioma Syndromes
6 Radiologic Evaluation of Hemangiomas
7 Medical Management of Hemangiomas
8 Treatment of Infantile Hemangiomas
9 Radiologic Evaluation of Vascular Malformations
10 The Role of Endovascular Surgery in the Management of Vascular Lesions of the Head and Neck
11 Treatment of Port-Wine Stains
12 The Surgical Management of Vascular Malformations
13 Evaluation and Treatment of Vascular Neoplasms
14 Pathology of Acquired Vascular Neoplasms of the Head and Neck

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