Chest Radiographic Interpretation in Pediatric Cardiac Patients

Chest Radiographic Interpretation in Pediatric Cardiac Patients
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Shi-Joon Yoo
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293x222x22 mm

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto & Radiologist in Chief, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada
From congenital or acquired problems in newborns to cardiovascular abnormalities in older children, this comprehensive text explains how to interpret chest radiographs and how to report that information in day-to-day practice. It steers readers through this often challenging area using numerous practical case examples, more than 400 high-quality radiographs, drawings and specimen photographs, straightforward explanations of findings, and the collective experience of several of the world's foremost experts on cardiac imaging and pediatric cardiology. After an introductory discussion of normal cardiac anatomy and imaging, the authors provide readers with a systematic approach to understanding chest images in children with congenital or acquired heart disease followed by useful bulleted synopses of basic pathologic features, clinical manifestations and radiographic findings.While the trend in recent decades has been toward increasingly sophisticated imaging modalities, this book successfully illustrates that there is still an extraordinary amount of diagnostic and therapeutic information to be found in chest x-rays.Features-Multiple perspectives from imagers, cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons on the pathology of congenital heart disease-High-resolution radiographs, detailed drawings, and specimen photographs vividly elucidate interpretative principles-Summary of pediatric cardiovascular surgical procedures provides context and practical examples of what to expect when viewing post-operative chest radiographsThis book will improve the accuracy and confidence of any radiologist, cardiologist, or clinician involved in the interpretation of pediatric chest images and is ideal for residents and fellows in radiology and pediatric cardiology.
Thieme Publishers New York im Thieme Verlags 2010

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