Urinary Stone Disease

Urinary Stone Disease
The Practical Guide to Medical and Surgical Management
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This practical guide is a compendium of contemporary views on the development, treatment, and prevention of urinary stone disease. Emphasis is placed on utilizing current research to highlight areas of potential discovery and inspire novel approaches to easing the burden of urinary stone disease.

Stone nomenclature and history of instrumentation for stone disease
BACKGROUNDChapter 1Stone Nomenclature and History of Instrumentation for Urinary Stone DiseaseChapter 2Epidemiology and Incidence of Stone DiseaseChapter 3The Genetics of Stone DiseaseChapter 4Theories of Stone FormationChapter 5Structure and Compositional Analysis of Kidney StonesMETABOLISMChapter 6CalciumChapter 7OxalateChapter 8Renal Acid-Base Balance and Renal Tubular AcidosisChapter 9Urinary Stone Inhibitors: Citrate and MagnesiumChapter 10Modulators of Crystallization of Stone SaltsChapter 11Hormonal Influences on NephrolithiasisChapter 12Associated Systemic DiseaseChapter 13Medical Evaluation of Stone DiseaseChapter 14Pharmacologic Prophylaxis of Calcium StonesChapter 15Diet and UrolithiasisChapter 16Uric Acid UrolithiasisChapter 17Struvite StonesChapter 18Cystine Stone DiseaseChapter 19Urinary Stones of Unusual EtiologyPRESENTATION AND EVALUATIONChapter 20Imaging of Urinary Stone DiseaseChapter 21Physician SafetyChapter 22Treatment of Acute Renal ColicChapter 23Anatomical Considerations in Urinary Stone DiseaseTREATMENTChapter 24Conservative Management of Ureteral CalculiChapter 25Ureteral StentsChapter 26Anesthetic ConsiderationsChapter 27Complications of Urinary Stone SurgeryChapter 28Shock Wave Lithotripsy - Indications and OutcomesChapter 29Shock Wave Lithotripsy - Technical AspectsChapter 30Ureteroscopy - Indications and OutcomesChapter 31Ureteroscopy - Technical AspectsChapter 32Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy - Indications and OutcomesChapter 33Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy - Technical AspectsChapter 34Open Stone SurgeryChapter 35Laparoscopic Approach to Urinary Stone DiseaseChapter 36Stones of the Urethra, Prostate, Seminal Vesicle, Bladder and Encrusted Foreign Bodies

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