Pathology of Vascular Skin Lesions

Pathology of Vascular Skin Lesions
Clinicopathologic Correlations
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Omar P. Sangueza
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Current Clinical Pathology

Cutaneous vascular proliferations are exceedingly common, and with the recent identification of new diseases, their diagnosis, classification, and treatment can be complicated. In Pathology of Vascular Skin Lesions: Clinicopathologic Correlations, Omar P. Sangüeza, md, and Luis Requena, md, review in detail all the vascular proliferations involving the skin and subcutaneous tissue, including recently described disease entities. Superbly illustrated with both clinical and histopathologic photographs, the book moves from a proposed new system of classification and nomenclature for vascular neoplasms, to a full discussion of benign and malignant proliferations, including hamartomas, benign neoplasms, and several newly reported related diseases. The authors provide an in-depth description of the clinical and morphologic aspects of each entity and detail their clinicopathologic correlation, differential diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy. Additional chapters outline the normal embryology, histology, and anatomy of skin vasculature, as well as the use of special techniques for the study of vascular proliferations.
Comprehensive and practical, Pathology of Vascular Skin Lesions: Clinicopathologic Correlations provides dermatologists, pathologists, and skin researchers with a complete, authoritative guide to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular proliferations of the skin, all generously illustrated with a wide-ranging array of clinical cases and histopathologic specimens.
Includes supplementary material:
Companion CD-ROMEmbryology, Anatomy, and Histology of the Vasculature of the SkinEmbryologic AspectsAnatomic and Histologic Aspects of the Dermis and Blood VesselsSpecial Techniques for the Study of Vessels and Vascular ProliferationsImmunohistochemical StainsMolecular TechniquesCytogenetic StudiesClassification of Cutaneous Vascular ProliferationsCutaneous Vascular HamartomasPhakomatosis PigmentovascularisEccrine Angiomatous HamartomaCutaneous Vascular MalformationsNevus AnemicusCutis Marmorata Telangiectatica CongenitaNevus FlammeusHyperkeratotic Vascular StainsVenous MalformationsSuperficial Cutaneous Lymphatic MalformationsCystic Lymphatic Malformations (Cystic Hygromas)LymphangiomatosisCutaneous Lesions Characterized by Dilation of Preexisting VesselsSpider Angioma (Nevus Araneus)Capillary Aneurysm-Venous LakeTelangiectasesAngiokeratomasLymphangiectasesCutaneous Vascular HyperplasiasAngiolymphoid Hyperplasia with EosinophiliaPyogenic GranulomaBacillary AngiomatosisVerruga PeruanaIntravascular Papillary Endothelial Hyperplasia (Masson's Pseudo-Angiosarcoma)Pseudo-Kaposi's SarcomaReactive AngioendotheliomatosisBenign NeoplasmsAngioma SerpiginosumInfantile HemangiomasCherry Angiomas (Senile Angiomas)Arteriovenous HemangiomaHobnail Hemangioma (Targetoid Hemosiderotic Hemangioma)Microvenular HemangiomaTufted AngiomaGlomeruloid HemangiomaAcquired Elastotic HemangiomaKaposiform HemangioendotheliomaSinusoidal HemangiomaGiant Cell AngioblastomaSpindle Cell Hemangioma (Formerly Spindle Cell HemangioendotheliomaBenign LymphangioendotheliomaBenign Vascular Proliferations in Irradiated SkinGlomus TumorsHemangiopericytomaCutaneous MyofibromaMalignant NeoplasmsKaposi's SarcomaEpithelioid HemangioendotheliomaEndovascular Papillary Angioendothelioma (Dabska's Tumor or Papillary Intralymphatic Angioendothelioma)Retiform HemangioendotheliomaComposite HemangioendotheliomaCutaneous Angiosarcoma of the Face and Scalp of Elderly Patients (Wilson Jones' Angiosarcoma)Cutaneous Angiosarcoma Associated with LymphedemaRadiation-Induced Cutaneous AngiosarcomaEpithelioid AngiosarcomaMalignant Glomus Tumor (Glomangiosarcoma)Other Cutaneous Neoplasms With Significant Vascular ComponentMultinucleate Cell AngiohistiocytomaAngiofibromaAngioleiomyomaAngiolipomaCutaneous AngiolipoleiomyomaCutaneous AngiomyxomaAggressive AngiomyxomaDisorders Erroneously Considered as Vascular NeoplasmsKimura's Disease'Malignant' Angioendotheliomatosis (Intravascular Lymphomatosis)Acral Pseudolymphomatous Angiokeratoma in Children (APACHE)Index

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