Jump Start Your Brain

Jump Start Your Brain
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How Everyone at Every Age Can Be Smarter and More Productive
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Doug Hall
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Ideal for inspiring marketers, artists, teachers, and anyone who needs fresh ideas for work and home,
Jump Start Your Brain helps readers crank up both their cranium and career. Featuring smart and creative methods for providing better leadership, igniting sales and marketing, and realizing dreams with breakthrough innovations, this book teaches time-tested practices that generate creativity and innovation. Relying on the latest research, the author pinpoints which methods and techniques work best in today's high-stress world so readers can get a leg-up on the competition.

Learn time-tested, research-proven practices that generate creativity and innovation, helping you and/or your organization get a leg-up on the competition.

Creativity is not random. There are reproducible tools and tactics that can help you think smarter and more creatively. Doug Hall and David Wecker work with executives, entrepreneurs, kids, teachers—and everyone who hungers for more wisdom, creativity, and personal growth—to invent ideas for solving problems 52 weeks a year using the Eureka! Way.

Jump Start Your Brain Version 2.0 is your guide to a counter-corporate culture approach to creativity, urging you to break rules with childlike abandonment—and have fun doing it. The methods are tried and tested to make your brain 500 percent more creative! Get your cranium flowing with new feats of imagination. This book is a hotbed of innovation, turning the art of creativity into a reliable, renewable science to help you at every age. The Eureka! Way pushes the fear out and puts the fun back into the game.

“[Doug Hall is] an eccentric entrepreneur who just might have what we’ve all been looking for—the happy secret to success.”
Dateline NBC

“We’ve found Doug Hall’s methods to be different than most. They work.”
—Michele Wojtyna, Pepsi-Cola Company

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