Leading Student-Centered Coaching
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Leading Student-Centered Coaching

Building Principal and Coach Partnerships
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Diane Sweeney
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This action-oriented guide provides school and regional leaders with the background, practices, and tools for leading instructional coaching efforts that measurably impact student and teacher learning.

7 Ways Leaders Can Support Student-Centered Coaching

Essential leadership moves for supporting instructional coaching in your school

Strong leadership is essential in any successful instructional coaching effort. Leading Student-Centered Coaching provides principals and district leaders with the background, practices, and tools required for leading coaching efforts that have a profound and positive impact on student and teacher learning. Filled with practical ideas that school leaders can easily apply to their own school settings, this book includes: 

  • Tools and techniques for preparing a school for coaching, launching a coaching culture, and supporting coaches

  • Leadership Moves sections that provide strategies for building principal and coach partnerships 

  • Richly detailed Lessons from the Field, based on the authors’ real-life experiences, that illustrate principal and coach collaboration

  • Recommendations for coaches to use as they strive to increase their impact 

With a focus on the critical role of school leadership, this action-oriented guide provides the key ingredients for ensuring the success of school-based coaching initiatives. 

"Sweeney and Mausbach explore the necessary ingredients to a successful instructional coach partnership between the principal and the coaches. This is a must-read for building leadership teams implementing an instructional coach program"
—Timothy S. Grieves, Chief Administrator
Northwest Area Education Agency, IA 

"This book synthesized the work necessary of school leaders when working with the coach. As a principal who was a student-centered coach, this book has shown me how I can tweak the skills I learned and apply them with a leadership lens."
—Kelly Neylon, Principal
Meadowview School, Woodridge IL 


About the Authors


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Student-Centered Coaching

Chapter 2: Connecting School Improvement to Coaching

Chapter 3: Defining Roles for Coaches and Principals

Chapter 4: School Culture and Coaching

Chapter 5: Setting Expectations for Authentic Participation in Coaching

Chapter 6: Driving Toward High Quality Instruction

Chapter 7: Separating Coaching From Supervision

Chapter 8: Supporting the Development of the Coach

In Closing

Appendix A: Rubric for Leading Student-Centered Coaching

Appendix B: Rubric for Student-Centered Coaching

Appendix C: Sample School Improvement Plan

Appendix D: Student-Centered Coaching Moves

Appendix E: Results-Based Coaching Tool

Appendix F: Planner for Sharing Lessons