The Blended Learning Blueprint for Elementary Teachers
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The Blended Learning Blueprint for Elementary Teachers

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Jayme Linton
Corwin Teaching Essentials
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Designed to help K-5 teachers develop and implement a personalized plan for instruction in blended environments, this resource identifies key competencies and strategies for development.

Your blueprint for empowering students through personalized learning 

In today’s technologically-integrated world, blended learning is a natural fit for the elementary classroom, where many teachers already think flexibly about the learning environment, resources, and time in order to meet diverse student needs. As blended elementary classrooms become more common, teachers and administrators must develop a shared understanding of the characteristics of effective instruction in blended environments. 

This guide is designed to help K-5 teachers develop and carry out a plan for effective instruction in blended environments. Presented in a step-by-step workbook format, this resource identifies the competencies blended teachers need and strategies for development, culminating in a personalized implementation plan for successful blended instruction. Readers will

  • Take an in-depth look at the iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework, to foster a deeper understanding of the teacher proficiencies needed for effective blended learning environments.

  • Identify your own strengths and needs related to the blended teacher competencies. 

  • Develop a personalized blueprint for designing and facilitating blended learning in your classrooms. 

  • Tailor your needs and goals when it comes to maximizing instructional time, personalizing learning, empowering students, pursuing professional learning, and more.

  • Explore specific strategies and examples of blended learning in elementary classrooms, and reflect on your own plans for blended instruction.

Making the shift to blended learning requires intentional planning and support. This workbook will guide you through the process of developing an actionable plan for blended learning in your classroom.




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Publisher’s Acknowledgments

About the Author

INTRODUCTION Defining Blended Learning

Why Blended Learning?

Definition and Models of Blended Learning

Internet Safety in the Elementary Classroom

CHAPTER 1 Blended Learning Teacher Competencies



Adaptive Skills

Technical Skills

CHAPTER 2 Crafting Your Vision

Adapting Blended Models

Rethinking the Role of Teachers and Learners

Letting Go of Control

Redesigning the Learning Space

Designing the Blueprint

CHAPTER 3 Maximizing Instructional Time

Answering the Essential Question About Time

Rethinking the School Day

Cloning the Teacher

Designing the Blueprint

CHAPTER 4 Making It Personal

Moving From Differentiation to Personalized Learning

Designing Personalized Pathways

Making Pathways Work

Designing the Blueprint

CHAPTER 5 Empowering Students

Leveraging Formative Assessments

Managing Data and Goal-Setting

Tapping Into Student Passions

Designing the Blueprint

CHAPTER 6 Expanding Your Toolbox

Designing Collaborative Learning Experiences

Leveraging Adaptive Tools for Self-Paced Learning

Amplifying Student Voice

Designing the Blueprint

CHAPTER 7 Professional Learning

Collaborating With Colleagues

Connecting With Stakeholders

Owning Your Professional Learning

Designing the Blueprint

CHAPTER 8 Getting Started

Starting Small

Planning for Sustainability

Designing the Blueprint


Appendix A: Blueprint for Blended Learning

Appendix B: iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework

Appendix C: Reflecting on the iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competencies

Appendix D: Recommended Reading

Appendix E: Guide for Coaching and Supporting Blended Teachers