On the Right Track
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On the Right Track

A Historical Romance
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Carol Voelkel
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Matthew Gallagher is a train conductor extraordinaire. He travels about the country, escaping from one life and relocating to another on a daily basis, a status he prefers, with no roots to tie him down. Neddie Anderson is a country girl who has never left her hometown, but that doesnt keep her from dreaming that shell one day own her own restaurant in the big city where she can whip up her delectable desserts with recipes passed down from her beloved grandmother. When Matthew rescues Neddie from a local rogue and is subsequently forced to marry her, Neddie, in turn, rescues his heart. Has God purposely derailed Matthew from his life of freedom? Or has he placed him on the right track, guiding him toward a future that includes Neddie as his new bride? God only knows . . .