No More Bullshit
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No More Bullshit

Power up and Grow Free—You Are the Only One You Have Been Waiting For
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Hilde Larsen
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Are you searching for the good life, for the typical abundance, health, and happiness? In No More Bullshit, author Hilde Larsen helps you start at the beginning, return to the hardcore causes of disconnect, and revisit yourself to find the real you and live a life of joy.
She shows how by awakening to who you really are, youre able to let go of everything thats been holding you back. By truly connecting with your inner source, God and creation, youre able to effortlessly flow through life with a renewed passion and enthusiasm. No More Bullshit discusses that nothing can hold you back if you decide to break free. Your:

truth is stronger than any lie;
passion is stronger than any disbelief;
mission is here whether you recognize it or not;
strengths are unbreakable; and
ability to change is obsolete.

Filled with topics of self-reflection, No More Bullshit shares how no matter what life serves you, you have the power to adjust, grow, and change your path. No matter where you are today, the free will and innate wisdom handed down to you from your ancestors will guide you toward your true path. No matter how long its been since you felt powerful and strong, you still are.

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