The Case of the Barille Blood
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The Case of the Barille Blood

The Adventures of Deacon Coombs
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Ambit Welder
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Before a popular actor suffers a fatal heart attack on stage, he makes one final request to his lover: to find Earthling detective Deacon Coombs if anything should happen to him. Meanwhile, a reptile creature from planet Zentaur has decided he will not assist the authorities with the investigation of his brothers murder. Instead, he intends to exact his death, with help from Coombs.
It is 3534 when Coombs is called to investigate the two deaths. While he is thrust into a high adventure in outer space, Coombs is propelled into conflict with the universes most powerful organization and its corrupt leadership, The Barille Blood. As his investigation leads him deep into space, Coombs uncovers startling clues and meets journalist Ambit Welder who reveals an incredible tale. But just as Barille Blood formulates its plan to threaten mankind and create the ultimate power grid, Deacon discovers their most closely guarded evil secret. Now as his life hangs in the balance, he has no choice but to confront his worst nightmare.

The Case of the Barille Blood shares an adventurous tale of strange alien creatures, merciless revenge, and fierce battles as an Earthling detective travels into space to challenge a powerful and dark threat to mankind.