The Outpouring
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The Outpouring

We Pour Out
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LaTonja Brown
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Through poetry and essays, the contributing writers of The Outpouring pour out their souls. They pour out their disappointment, hurt, and grief as well as their success, happiness, and joy through the written word. The selections point to the underlying faith and hope they have in their walk with God.
Compiled and edited by LaTonja Brown, the anthology contains works by members of Pentecostal Covenant Church in Seattle, Washington. The tone, mood, and sentiment express a wide range of human emotions. The writings address a range of topics including what writing means to the writers, seeking God, becoming free, empowerment, hope, purpose, aging, and social issues.

The selections often discuss serious and heartfelt topics, as the writers pour out the emotions and feelings that are inside of them. Even during their struggles, the writers focus on their underlying belief in God. Their belief that all things will work out for their good.