Inspired to Conquer
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Inspired to Conquer

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Lynn S. Manley
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In one way or another, we all go through situations that are irritating and, in effect, change the way we deal with everyday life.
Some of these changes include being offended and shutting down, being disrespected, snapping, being intimidated, and not feeling good around an individual who has hurt or offended us. Being abused hurts and can take hold of your life. Often, we come out of our character because we just cant take it anymore. Year after year, our unsurrendered emotions take control and get the best of us.

Now, lets think about this: If we can make goals for our future such as marriage, weight loss, and career goals, why cant we make goals to conquer our emotions? Reacting the same way year after year has to change, and it canif we are inspired to conquer them. The way we react and deal with any situation is truly up to us. Most of all, it is possible to change.