Proactive and Applied Resilience
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Proactive and Applied Resilience

The Sixteen Experiences
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Glenn E. Richardson
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The solution to every problem, the guidance for every dream, and all that anyone ever needed, wanted, or hoped for reside in the sea of energy, vitality, enlightenment, and power that dwells within you and within the world around you. In Proactive and Applied Resilience, author Dr. Glenn E. Richardson helps you access that energy, vitality, and wisdom that guide you to thrive through adversity and maximize your potential, a process called resiliency.
Richardson introduces sixteen personal experiences founded upon the concept of resiliency, which is the process and experience of being disrupted by life challenges, going through stages of emotional distress, experiencing insights and aha moments, and then accessing innate strengths to not only recover but grow through adversity.

Using his firsthand experiences with resiliency as a starting point, Richardson provides valuable information about identifying personal sources of strength and flexibility for those seeking to access their own ability to thrive throughout challenges in life. Proactive and Applied Resilience will help you take control of your life story and all the short stories that happen every day.