Finding the Way Home
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Finding the Way Home

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Roselin Casanova
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Finding the Way Home tells the story of Julia, a woman who discovers that her innate ability to see things brings with it both challenges and possibilities. Some people think she suffers from hallucinations. She comes to wonder whether her visions depict reality. She comes to feel that someone or something beyond her is trying to send her a message. Finally, she seeks to discover how her visions and passions for caring for others may lead her to a crossroads. She wonders where she will go and what she will do.The author, Roselin Casanova, has woven key strands from her own life into the character of Julia and the story Finding the Way Home tells. She is naturally compassionate, caring, and attuned to the intangible and creative facets of life. These qualities find their way from the authors reflections, through her pen, and into the life of Julia.
In this novel, Julia finds her gift for visions leading her to a spiritual crossroads where she faces the choice between safety and using her natural skills as a comforter to help others.