Adrian-Orion’S Belt
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Adrian-Orion’S Belt

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S. A. George
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Lieutenant Colonel David Eisen commands this Special Ops Team of Army Airborne Rangers as they travel the world fi ghting terrorism where they encounter it. Someone continues to sabotage their missions resulting in capture and torture at the hands of a rogue military force embedded in the Vietnam jungle; a failed mission initiated to find an American diplomat and the secret treaty he carried to the South even as Vietnam had become one nation several years earlier.
David is TA for a professor, between missions, where he got his degree in astrophysics before joining the Army. Th e Professor dies suddenly of mysterious circumstances and is replaced by someone he doesnt know. He initiates a background check that reveals the Professor as having lied about his past; this puts Davids life in jeopardy. DNA was obtained from the Professor having cut his hand on a door knob; presented to a DNA-human genome specialist Not of this world.