Better Negotiating
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Better Negotiating

Your Training Book for Business and Private Life
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Jutta Portner
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Do you still argue or start negotiating with family and friends? With business partners? Nearly every day, were called on to solve conflict of interests. Quite often, we do it unconsciously and are surprised when it ends up deadlocked. Real pros know they achieve better results if they have knowledge and experience in negotiating. In Better Negotiating, author Jutta Portner demonstrates, with the help of many real-life case studies, how to negotiate more effectively.
Portner discusses how negotiation plays an integral role in daily life. In this guide, she introduces the Harvard method and shares a process for improving these skills. She tells how to

prepare a NEGO in short time
structure the conversation to come to an agreement
be empathetic to convince your partners to cooperate
apply body language professionally
achieve long-lasting results that satisfy the needs of both sides.

Portner, an international expert in teaching negotiation in organization, has more than twenty years of experience. In Better Negotiating, she clearly illustrates general principles that will help you persuade your counterpart. The interactive book starts each chapter with a self-assessment to better understand your abilities and make room for improvement.