The Old Overholt and Other Stories
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The Old Overholt and Other Stories

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Michaela Casey
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A dreamer, a talker, a merrymaker, and a moralist, Tim Cadigan is classic Boston Irishjust the kind of local color that writer Mitch Goldberg is looking for when he moves to a working-class Dorchester neighborhood. Mitch soon learns that his elderly neighbor is both a prolific storyteller and a fascinating character, hilarious and neurotic, open-minded and self-righteous, kind and thoughtless, honorable and cagey, forgiving and grudge holding. After hearing dozens of stories from Tims family and friends, Mitch decides to compile a broad sampling, including his own favorite, in which Tim produces a deathbed miracle of sorts with a shot of whiskey and a beer chaser. Blending humor and poignancy, other stories describe Tims righteous defense of a tenant victimized by prejudice, his madcap efforts to get the pope to stop in for tea, his extraordinary determination to reverse his brothers mental illness, his annual yuletide roast of the regulars at the Connemara Gardens Bar and Grille, and his final days at the home he loves.
The Old Overholt and Other Stories is a lively portrayal of an endearing, complex individual and the people, times, and place that shaped him.