A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Hired Teaching
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A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Hired Teaching

Achieve Your Ideal Teaching Position
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Carlos Heleno
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Students, established teachers making a change, and those switching careers all have the same questions about getting a teaching job: How do you get interviews? What questions will be asked? What are employers looking for?
Carlos Heleno, an educator with almost thirty years of experience in the classroom and as an administrator, offers proven strategies for landing a job as a teacher in this guide. Learn how to:

• prepare a compelling portfolio that gets noticed;
• craft responses to common interview questions;
• develop a personal brand that resonates with employers; and
• hone teaching skills that will help you succeed in the classroom;

Heleno also shares the top ten features of an outstanding cover letter, ten tips for writing an exceptional resume, and how to impress potential employers when you meet them face to face.

Packed with tips on navigating each stage of the interview process and more than a hundred practice questions in eighteen different areas, the strategies in this guide are your express ticket to landing the teaching job you want.