Wwii Essays
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Wwii Essays

A Compendium of War Lore
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William T. Beran
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This book presents fifteen essays that address a variety of subjects large and small pertaining to WWII. Short and to the point, each essay covers the subject in two minutes, making them a refreshingly quick read as history lessons go. While the gist of these brief stories is quite obvious even to a casual reader, there are references made to subject matter that many may have never encountered in their formal education nor informally gleaned from websites, books, TV, or movies. A more curious reader can easily delve into these using the subjects as key words for website browsing, and the author encourages that initiative.
The writing style is non-technical, conversational, and presents lucid interpretations of data (on war deaths, for instance) in lieu of tables or graphs. Some chapters are obviously autobiographical, others derive from research, and all have concluding remarks or observations that underscore the subject matter.