Remnants of the Heart
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Remnants of the Heart

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RoseMarie Dalbow
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RoseMarie is a mother of six, a grandmother of ten, and a nurse who worked with special needs children for twenty years. A strong Catholic background and an unwavering faith were the saving grace that enabled her to cope with adversity and tragedy in her life. There was infidelity and divorce, the end of her idyllic worldor so she thought. Little did she know that would pale when years later she lost her son and daughter to tragic accidents. In one year she also lost a grandson, almost lost her husband to heart failure, and was diagnosed with three different cancers. Faith, family, and friends played a pivotal role in restoring what felt like a shattered life, heavy with grief and depression, back to normalcy and joy. Ten years after the divorce, a knight in shining armor enters her life and refuses to leave despite her repeated pushing away for two years, until God revealed his plan for them. Miracles aboundreal tangible miracles, not just a figure of speech. You will laugh and you will cry as you go along on this faith-affirming journey.