When I Send My Child to Child Care
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When I Send My Child to Child Care

The Busy Caregiver’S Guide to High-Quality Child Care
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Matt Tapscott
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Of course you want to make a great choice for your familys childcare needsbut help! Who has the kind of time needed to read volumes of research? So many things to think about, so many things to look for, right?
Utilizing simple photos and straightforward concepts, professional caregivers Matt and Denise Tapscott outline some of the key quality indicators all high-quality childcare and early learning programs need to demonstrate in their care environments. Topics such as making transitions, guidance, nutrition, hygiene, and several other indicators of quality are presented in the book so the child and the adult caregivers can recognize and talk about them.

Actual childcare environments are highlighted in this user-friendly guide. The book is as appropriate for the child as for the parent or guardian choosing care. Journal pages provide space for parents to record their thoughts, needs, and experiences.

This book is not intended as an exhaustivenor exhaustingresource. Rather, it is a parent or guardian family-friendly resource to be shared with every caregiver involved in the readers childcare experience. It takes a village!