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Memoirs of My Life's Unfinished Journey
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Dennis St. Rose
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Life is like a journey into uncharted waters where mankind is constantly attempting to navigate the ship of life through the seas of uncertainty. On this voyage, we are not sure if the worldliness we experience in the continuum between birth and death is real or if it is a figment of our imagination. If it is indeed the latter, the question then becomes how or when this phenomenon of our existence will ever be revealed. If the answer to this question is never, we are then thrown into a state of perpetual confusion at the core of which lies the questions Who are we? and Why are we here?
I write this book not because I have the answers to any of these questions but because I believe that by chronicling my experiences, my children, family members, friends, and others who may read it will become more introspective in the living of their lives. No person can write their complete autobiography in advance, but I have tried to select events that, at this point in time, I consider to have had the greatest impact on my life. Many aspects of my life may have not been discussed and others too briefly, but if there is any similarity between my life experiences and those of others, then I hope that they can draw on my lifes story when navigating their respective journeys.