Grow Where God Plants You
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Grow Where God Plants You

A Memoir
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Dale G. Hooper
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Grow Where God Plants You tells the story of a man, born sixth out of eleven siblings in a family that lived in a remote mountain community in western North Carolina, who settled on education as his pathway to discovering the wider world. As Dale G. Hooper made his way through high school, college, and graduate school, he began to hear God calling him to become a missionary. Answering that call, he served with Cross Culture Missionaries in Kenya in eastern Africa, for nearly three decades.Now toward the end of his eighth decade, he has embraced a new challenge: writing a chronicle of his lifes journey for friends, family, and all who feel drawn to a globe-spanning story of a life-changing adventure. Hooper demonstrates his victory over the voices that his flooded thoughts with questionsIs my adventure of life good enough to write about? Who would want to read it?and doubtsYou cant write this book. Youll never finish it.
With an eye for detail and a keen sense of history as story, Grow Where God Plants You shows how one man responded to the soil in which Gods hand planted him.