Amazing Activities for Low Function Abilities
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Amazing Activities for Low Function Abilities

And Caregiver Guide
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Amira Choukair Tame
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Amazing Activities for Low Function Abilities addresses a growing public health issue in America: providing therapeutic activities for people with Alzheimers, other dementia disorders, and persons with low function abilities. A dedicated activities professional with many years of experience, the author champions the advancement of non-drug therapy for this population.
Amira Choukair Tame has shared these techniques with other professionals through her caregiver training sessions and workshops. Her book includes therapeutic activities for caregivers to use for anyone with dementia. The text isnt just a list of activities. The techniques offered in the book are designed to assist caregivers in identifying individual strengths and weaknesses that will help them customize a set of activities suitable for diverse needs, and address the frustrations and difficulties encountered while caring for this population. The exercises are suitable for individuals at any stage of dementia, as well as those with low function abilities. A one-hour training video complements the book with an informative lecture and real-life examples.