The Truth About Your Business
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The Truth About Your Business

Seventy-Three Focus Sessions to Grow Your Business
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Tmima Grinvald
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Running a business means making smart decisions about strategies, processes, and people. You name it, youre responsible for it.
Tmima Grinvald, a certified professional coach and former military officer, helps you make business decisions that will pay off big. Just as important, she walks you through how to fix costly mistakes that hurt morale and erode profits. In seventy-three focus lessons, youll learn skills such as how to:

improve your crisis management skills;
master the core skills that mean the most;
sustain a consistent level of performance; and
do something outside your comfort zone.

She also shares strategies that will help you learn more about yourself, including what makes you tick, what youre most passionate about learning, and what causes you to think negative thoughts.

The daily focus sessions are your guide to continual improvement and evaluating and improving company performance. Break challenges into manageable parts and prioritize efforts with the guidance and insights in The Truth about Your Business.