The Paradise Behind the Mind
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The Paradise Behind the Mind

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Adrian Cruz
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In a far corner of the universe, dragons of creation have provided life to the dark land of Naibar through the mind of a ten-year-old boy. Within Naibar lives Samoilg, a vicious creature determined to take the boys life and Sufur, the young guardian of the land who has a newly-created mission to save the boy along with the planet. Unfortunately, Sufur has no idea how he will achieve his goal.
As Recotoa humanoid tree and guardian of memorybegins helping Sufur explore Naibar, he tumbles upon mystical places and, along with the boy, must confront Ilkey, a creature that feeds from fear and Iblis, a demon desperate to steal the boys soul. While the boy vacillates between two worlds in dreams until he is too ill to continue, Sufur and Recoto gather power and weapons to save him from a seemingly inevitable dark destiny. When they finally defeat Samoilg, now they must rescue the boys soul from Ilkey and Iblis, or he will never get a second chance at life.

In this fantasy novel, a boy trapped between reality and a fantasy world must rely on help from a guardian and a band of unlikely heroes to save him from a dark fate.