World Peace in Three Years or Less . . . or Else!
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World Peace in Three Years or Less . . . or Else!

Here’S Help: Happiness, Enough, Love, and Peace
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Donald Pet M.D.
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People want and need four things to survive and thrive: happiness, enough, love, and peace (HELP). This essay explains the quickest, easiest, most enjoyable and effective way to get them. The puzzle we must solve is Why do we fill our world with fear, hate, scarcity, and wars? when we have everything we need to solve the puzzle. Einstein told us the solution: we shall require a newer way of thinking (ANWOT). The seven plus two formula can be made automatic and effortless with thirty days practice. Seven easy-to-learn word substitutions (word switches) create a newer way of thinking; two still secret self-taught skills provide the modern version of the golden rule, Love ourselves with the abundance that overflows to enrich the world. Make your life really significant! Help create the solution to the biggest puzzle instead or remaining part of the problem. We have become our own worst enemy. Learn how weapons with ultimate destructive power have suddenly made the normal tribal way we think more dangerous than cancer, AIDS, and the Black Death plague. Become one of the one million teachers of Einsteins solutionreach one, reach many. You are needed! Each teacher can pay the seven plus two formula forward to start the domino effect that will circle the world. The easy as one-two-three steps take little time and energy, cost nothing, and will be among your most joyous actions.
The educational community is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to popularize Einsteins solution to prevent human catastrophe (ANWOT) and create sustainable happiness, love, and world peace (the golden rule). All our content is forever free on our websites.