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Justin Brian Blake
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Through all the darkness caused by the malicious, faith, beauty, destiny, and true love may shine still through to the world. No matter the guise that be worn at the time, the truth is underneath.
Only the smallest pinch of badness is required to spiral an event out of reason, and he who initiated it only hides, watches, and laughs.

In the year 1024, a grand kingdom is under rule of Queen Bella, who lives as the most beautiful female to live, and she persists to reign alone as she sees that it is near impossible to find and have a man who knows how to properly reign and love. Her most valued knight is also her most beloved friend, Destino, who has been by her side since her birth, watching and guarding her, protecting his treasure at all times. Destino is known as the most desired man in all of the searched extents of the earth, but he will only accept the heart of one.

A man named Feoso is by far the most hideous man to walk. He serves the queen to his best but only desires to do her wish, not have her hand in marriage.

When a vanquishing disease is acknowledged by Bella, Feoso heads out with haste that he may find and destroy this newly found plague. While on his search, he uncovers secrets of the kingdom, secrets of his orphan past, and he proves what it is to have true strength and faith.

Through the twists and blots throughout this script, faith, beauty, and destiny will shine through to the eyes.