Life Is but a Dream
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Life Is but a Dream

A Memoir of Living with Illness
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Garet Spiese
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Afflicted with an unrecognized liver ailment at the young age of thirteen, Peggy fights for her life every day, tormented both physically and psychologically. Her parents do their utmost to immerse her in positive energy, all the while wondering whether their daughter will live or die.
One by one, Peggys childhood dreams are dashed. She gains weight, battles depression, is forbidden to play sports or even ride a bicycle, is warned against ever becoming pregnant, and repeatedly suffers wounds caused by what to other people would be a simple bump into a chair. Through each new trial, she learns more about the value of gratitude in all things.

Coping with her declining health, she finds a life partner and a renewed sense of worth as she acts in the theater and writes. Then one day, she is given a second chance at life through a liver transplant.

Anyone who meets daily challenges will find inspiration in this writers determination and faith. This is the inspiring story of Peggys unexpected survival, despite the odds.